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Eco friendly care instructions


The RE|claimed  tees are not only made from natural- and waste components, they are also dyed with natural pigments and dyes from waste. This method of dying does result in a unique appearance and because of it’s natural origin, it is possible that the colors do change while using. To get the best out of your tee and to and to make it last long, follow the below (eco- & wallet friendly!) laundry tips:

Wash at 30° and only wash as needed

You will save water and detergents by only washing your tee when needed plus your tee will last longer. Wash your tee at 30° or, even better, set your washer to ‘cold’. Make sure you wash it with similar colors and use a spot cleaner if it is only dirty in one place. 

As none of our tees are made from synthetics or recycled synthetics, you do not have to worry about microfibers that  pollute the water like all (recycled) synthetics do when washing.  

Due to the nature of the fabric, the hems of your RE|claimed tee can twist a bit after washing. This can easily be solved by ironing it gently. 

Skip the dryer

Line dry your tee to avoid wrinkling (not only your RE|claimed tee but your complete wardrobe). This will reduce the use of greenhouse gases and ironing plus it will also safe money…win-win!

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